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  About Steven Goodwin : 
This is the home page for Steven Goodwin. You can best learn about his life and work from the 'Projects' page on this site.
Steven Goodwin  
Steven Goodwin
Steven Goodwin is a software architect, developer, digital archaeologist, musician, writer, sommelier, and geek-about-town. He has published books, articles, and games on all these subjects (and more!)

Read Steven Goodwin's biography to learn more.

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  Real Ale: Alcohol By Volume (ABV): A detailed breakdown of various real ales and beer, ordered by brewery, including the ABV (alcohol by volume) and tasting notes.
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  Tori Amos
See how this image was converted into a portrait of Tori Amos. In Lego.


For all you NotCon '04 visitors, here's the background from my lightning presentation, with sample code, and a brief background on the new Minerva project.




Once a PERL module by Damien Conway.
Now a C++ module by Spider.

Guess which is fastest?

Details about my first book, Cross-Platform Game Programming, complete with a full synopsis and biography. Includes links to the publishers web site and Amazon.


The success of my recent book has required me to pen a few notes about the availability of the engine.

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