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Smitten is a media centre application for playing movies, music, picture slideshows, and reading text on your TV or computer.
Smitten differs from traditional media centres in three major ways:
  1. It contains no media playback at all! This makes it very small (and suitable for porting to embedded systems) and quick to initialize.
  2. It targets a TV display and interface. This means there's less information on any particular screen, and a much simpler control interface consisting of left, right, up, down, and select. No mouse required!
  3. It is also highly skinnable, and cross-platform to most systems.
Essentially, Smitten provides an easy-to-use menu system that allows the user to navigate a hierarchy of files, and view them using an (external) tool.




Smitten (Linux source) - Version 1.3 (1.7 Mb)

Smitten data assets (Linux/Windows) - Version 1.2 (284 Kb)

Smitten (Windows binaries) - Version 1.02 (316 Kb)

Smitten (Windows binaries) - Version 1.01a (259 Kb)

Smitten (Source) - Version 1.01a (54 Kb)

Older Versions

Smitten (Windows binaries) - Version 1.00a (259 Kb)

Smitten (Source) - Version 1.00a (54 Kb)


Copy config/main-[platform] to config/main.cfg, and then edit the config/main.cfg file and run smitten, it's as simple as that! (In theory :)

Windows Notes

Because the media players are external to Smitten, you must also remember to set-up mplayer (for example) in an appropriate directory. e.g. C:\mplayer\mplayer.exe.


SDL, and SDL_image. The latter includes the necessary image loading DLLs, such as libpng12-0.dll, that are also necessary for the binary.


These dependancies will be removed in future versions.